Mohammadi Housing Ltd. : The Mohammadi have been named from the name of our last Prophet Hazrat Mohammad (R). At the same time all activities of Mohammadi are being performed keeping similarity with the name Mohammadi. True success of naming have been reflected by establishing five Mosques and four Madrasha in the area. By the grace of Almighty and the name of Mohammadi 32 feet deep water reservoir have turned into a planned and beautiful residential area of the city. The most important thing is that everyday the number of residing people at Dhaka are increasing in a alarming rate and the price of land also increasing in a geometric way. As an example the land sold before with Taka Twenty Thousand are being sold now in between Taka 8,00,000.00 to Taka 10,00,000.00 and above. The entry Gate and Masjid-E-Noor of Mohammadi Housing are one of the beautiful architectural design of the city. In the  second project, it has already been planned to construct Madini Masjid complex around the entry gate.